Understanding the Advancement in The Streaming Industry

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It is no news that one of the things that have happened to the entertainment industry is the advancement in streaming technology − a technology niche that grew into an industry of its own. Without people having to risk their lives and too much time to journey, they can now watch sports and music shows online, Live! Thanks to online streaming services of the industry. Musicians are using various online media to push themselves to the world away from the conventional record labels.  Additionally, movie producers are launching movies and shows over the Internet. What makes this more fun is even the invasion of FireStick, which makes consumers connect to LIVE events on free and paid-for channels or apps.  

Many factors contribute to the growth of the streaming industry. Some of these factors include the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, which is expected to reach about 4.6 billion in 2019.  Furthermore, the Internet provides equal opportunity for anyone to access video content globally. These online channels allow consumers and subscribers to access multiple contents more than what cable TV can offer. In the face of these factors, the streaming industry (which covers gaming and other forms of entertainment) keeps expanding and more advancements are taking place. Some of these crucial advancements in the streaming industry include:


Following the desire to connect the world, FireStick becomes a home technology that allows people to stream contents in the comfort of their homes by plugging in the stick into the TV’s HDMI spot. Once the Firestick is plugged in, the set-up is easy to complete, and owners can sign in to access music, TV shows, games, etc.  After that, the user navigates their way around the channels with a remote device. Fire TV Stick is a major advancement that came with streaming.  The inexpensive, small, simple Firestick device gives people access to stay connected to their favorite TV shows and channels.  All this comes with the compact, mobile, and transportable gadget. 

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A connected world: 

The streaming industry and its hosts keep looking to expand the reach of the sector by making multiple contents available for viewers. Many of the individual hosts have channels that allow the streaming of sports, gaming, movies, and so on. The opportunity to unite the entertainment world into a compact space becomes the trend that keeps driving the industry forward, challenging hosts to compete for the most exclusive content provider. 

Freemium and premium contents: 

In the bid to win more customers, different streaming hosts are providing free content.  This free content would, in turn, attract the consumers to subscribe for premium services to get more quality content.  This marketing strategy and video innovation caused a great expansion in the industry, both in number and in creativity. 

Voice technology: 

Other groundbreaking technologies are being developed alongside, to complement over the top services and subscriptions. One of these technologies is Voice recognition technology.  

Voice recognition paved the way for products like the Amazon Echo and Alexa to control your TV experience.  This voice recognition is set to take the streaming industry a notch higher, making it easier for users to choose their favorite channels with voice. Though a future trend, we already see how machine learning and AI are gradually penetrating the media market.

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