What Can Possibly Stop Penetrating Nuclear Radiation

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Nuclear Radiation is one of the greatest threats that humanity may ever face. This is because, unlike guns and grenades, it does not just happen once and end the misery. The particles of gamma radiation move in air and space, going through as many people as are within the area of the detonation and worse, it causes a slow and painful death. In the face of advanced technologies, there are speculations that the next world war would be fought with AI and nuclear weapons. Should in case that happens or in the face of radioactive accidents, how do we protect ourselves from the penetration of nuclear radiation? There are gamma radiation shielding solutions that can be used. 

Radiation Shields: 

Solution providers develop their products with a thickness that would cover the entire body from exposure. This is often very efficient for alpha and beta particle radiations. However, for gamma rays, no matter the thickness, a smaller fraction of the nuclear rays can still find their ways through a radiation shield block. There is nothing much to worry about if the exposure to the radiation is not prolonged.

Alpha Rays: 

Alpha rays are mild and can be stopped by a sheet of paper or aluminum foil. In fact, it can be stopped by the dead, uppermost cells of the human skin. Hence, human protection gears from this type of radiation are not always heavy. It can be radiation/waterproof coats. 

Beta Rays: 

People can be protected from this form of radiation with glass or metal materials. Hence, if indoor, it is possible to stay safe and protected from this form of radiation. Beta rays can be penetrating and cause skin burn. Hence, a proper beta ray shield is needed for protection from the radiation. Metal padded aprons are used as protection from this form of exposure. 

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Gamma Rays: 

Gamma rays are stronger and more difficult to stop because of the neutral charge. It requires about 1.3 feet of lead block to effectively shield them. Many of the designed and devised gamma protection gears are often too heavy and they reduce efficiency in course of actions such as a rescue mission. In therapeutic sessions and other occasions, thin lead aprons are given to people to shield them from large exposures.

However, since gamma rays still penetrate shields to a certain extent, we are faced with an important question “is it possible to be effectively protected from gamma rays?” “is there a better gamma radiation shielding product?” 

Yes, there is an improved protection solution. It may be shocking to know that full-body wear does not make for effective protection from the most penetrating radiations. Using selective shielding is an improved strategy to stop gamma radiation. A typical example is the Stemrad360 Gamma solution. The concept of the solution is gotten from the regenerative ability of stem cells to heal and rejuvenate after exposure to the nuclear rays. Therefore, the protection suit is developed to cover specific points of the body where the bone marrow cells are located. This is an effective protection for a short period exposure and it reduces the risk of hematopoietic sub-syndrome.

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