Best Open Source Apps for Firestick

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FireStick or Fire TV stick is one of the advancements that streaming brought with its evolution. The portable device, which allows users to connect to their favorite TV shows, movies, etc., connects to TVs via the HDMI port. Amazon’s streaming device requires no need for decoders and allows multiple applications. The Firestick enables users to access the internet and provide them with a fantastic viewing experience. In 2019, some applications are ranking well to be best fire stick applications, especially, the open-source applications. Here are seven of those applications. 

1. Kodi: 

Without much ado, Kodi makes it to the top of the list as the best FireStick app. Kodi is a streaming app with growing popularity and streams all video contents including Live Sports, Movies, TV series, and so on. Kodi addons make it possible to stream from HBO, Netflix, and Hulu. With several millions of installations, Kodi remains both a free and open-source app. You need to get a VPN for a private Internet-viewing experience if you want to get access to unrestricted contents.

2. APKTime APK: 

Everyone wants that platform where they can get all the FireStick apps without stress. APKTime comes in useful. It is a source that provides all FireStick APKS, including movies, sports, music, etc. all in one place. 

3. Firefox: 

If you have a Firestick, it’s crucial to have a web browser app.  To have a frictionless browsing experience on the Fire device, we have a limited number of browsers to consider. But when it comes to the dire need of an open-source application to view YouTube and possibly Spotify, Firefox browser is the go-to option for installation. 

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4. VLC: 

With its popularity as a diversified media player, VLC keeps winning the trust of people.  That’s why VLC makes it to the list of the best open-source app as a third-party multimedia player. It plays on different streaming protocols with no in-app purchases or some of those irritating ads. 

5. Haystack: 

Haystack is a news channel that serves as a confluence of news from all over the world. It allows users to find various contents from local, national, and international sources by interests. It is easy to find news from any location by setting the location to a particular region. While Haystack includes breaking news and updates, it does not provide live news feed. 

6. Euronews: 

The Euronews channel is another news channel that makes news from Europen and North American news agencies available for viewers. The app allows the users to access news from places where they are not locally present; helping them to keep up to date. It is also available in multiple languages for different people who are not native English speakers. There are popular stories and short clips on breaking news, but they are not live news feed.

7. IPVanish Virtual Private Network (VPN): 

The VPN is a privacy tool that allows users to access restricted content by changing their local servers to that of other regions. This VPN service is considered to be the best for FireStick with its easy-to-use app and simple features. Privacy is totally guaranteed over this private network connection.

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