You’re Addicted To Your Phone If You Do These Things

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Addicted To Your Phone: Phone addiction is becoming a major source of concern so much so that it has a proposed name, Nomophobia or an intense, irrational fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Some people however think that Nomophobia should be classified as a form of anxiety disorder. Whatever the case may be, it is evident that there is a growing concern related to people being addicted to their phones.

Addicted To Your Phone

The question now is, how do you know you are addicted to your phone? There are a number of ways through which you can know that you are and these are highlighted below.

Your Phone Is Always Within Your Reach
You’re probably addicted to your phone if you always want your phone to be within reach and in clear sight at all times. You may subconsciously find yourself asking people ”Is my phone right there?..Just checking.”

You Repair Instantly When There’s A Fault
If per chance your phone has a fault or the screen gets broken, you instantly seek a repairer or move straight to a phone shop to get a replacement. You don’t care how much the replacement will cost you as all you want is to stay connected to friends, family and acquaintances via your phone.

You’re Happy When You Stay Off It For A While
When you’re able to go about 30 minutes to an hour without checking your phone, you’re so happy that you give yourself a pay on the back for being able to go that long without giving your phone a thought. You feel you’re doing pretty good and tell yourself that you can probably do without your phone anytime you’re ready to.

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You Check Your Notifications Instantly
When you hear the notification sound of your social media accounts including those of Facebook, Instagram, twitter and text messages and you can’t wait to know what is contained within the messages, there’s a high chance you have phone addiction problem. More so, you get annoyed if you’re unable to check the messages contained in the notifications as indicated by your phone because you feel you just must know immediately.

You’re Anxious When You Can’t Use Your Phone
When you get anxious the moment you realise that you can’t make use of your phone for a period of time, Nomophobia is knocking on your door. Feeling compelled to letting everyone know that you will be unable to reach out to them for some time because you’re unavailable creates an anxious feeling which is as a result of addiction.

You Use Your Phone During Sex
If you’ve ever stopped to check a notification or answer a phone call during or immediately after sex because you couldn’t help it, you’re suffering from phone addiction.

You Use Your Phone Everywhere
You don’t care whose Ox is gored as you can virtually make use of your phone anywhere and at every time. You are that person that can whip out your phone at the cinemas, at a meeting, gym or at a religious gathering.

You Bump Into People And Things
If you’re addicted to your phone, you’d probably have bumped into things and people a couple of time. You don’t care to use your phone only in private places. You stare down at your phone while walking on the road and you bump into parked or moving objects.


You Panic When People Are With Your Phone
When someone is with your phone momentarily, you panic and your heart stops breathing for a minute because you can’t wait to snatch your phone away from their grip. This is usually because of fear and anxiety of the type of message or person that may get delivered to your phone next.

Phone addiction is a problem that everyone should learn to address. Restricting phone use and enjoying conversations and time spent with people is important in solving phone addiction problems.

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