Will Ikoyi billions whistle blower get his money this week?

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It is no secret that the whistle blower who led the authorities to the 17billion found in Ikoyi is yet to be paid his 5% as stipulated under the government’s whistle blower policy. The issue has met with controversies at every turn. First it was disclosed he was held in a psychiatric facility and upon his release, was living in penury and dependent on his lawyer for sustenance. The EFCC then stepped forward to say that it is not its job to pay whistle blowers while minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun said he will be paid this month. Well, this month runs out next week. Perhaps the most bizarre turn in the case came when other people presented themselves claiming they were the ones who blew the whistle on the loot. The lawyer of the first whistle blower however said before the authorities carried out a search in the building where the money was found, he and his client were made to sign papers swearing that they were telling the truth. They were also present when the money was counted so their efforts were duly acknowledged.Ikoyi billions whistle blower

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