Why Grocery Delivery is Expected to Explode

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The popularity of the internet and the large sales record that has been happening across different sectors with e-commerce do not mean (almost) everyone makes sales from the internet. In fact, a study by Bain & Co. and Google indicated that from the whole sales that come from grocery shopping, only 3% happens online, in the US. These statistics are low for Grocery because people are skeptical about the contents of what they want to purchase. People prefer to see what they want to buy before they make a purchase, knowing how delicate grocery items usually are. From those who purchase online, only 26% of them shop more than once online. The other 74% of the fraction prefers to visit the store as many times as it is possible, to get the things they want. Is there something to be done and the possibilities of making grocery delivery boom more than it is?

Despite this low figure, more people are believed to that grocery delivery will explode soon. The lines of how larger sales can be driven through grocery deliveries have been blurred until recently when people began devising ways and reasons to be different. Here are a few reasons why grocery deliveries will reach roof-breaking heights. 


Other than the need to access grocery products before they are bought, another thing that had dragged delivery hitherto was the fact that the current delivery costs are expensive than having to physically get them. However, this is set to change as new companies are rising with the competitive strength to thrive against competitors by offering good prices that would cost their customers a token above their actual purchase cost. Food stores seek to run independent delivery for their customers’ purchased goods; this is expected to reduce the cost of grocery deliveries. 

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To encourage frequent customers, some stores and logistic companies who deliver groceries are now implementing subscriptions for their customers based on the number of deliveries to be done per week or the premium (unlimited) at certain prices. The price, however, is dependent mainly on the weight of products to be delivered and the distance from the store to the destination of the consumer. 

To save cost, a grocery cost to look out for would be the one that has decided to go the extra mile to purchase fresh products from the village farms and markets where organic crops are grown, without the need for middlemen. Eliminating middlemen would reduce the overall purchased cost and this will also make the grocery products to be cheaper for their end customers/consumers.

Fresh products: 

More grocery stores are now investing in fresh foods. Some businesses have direct access to fresh markets and gardens where goods would only just be harvested upon orders. This style is supposed to and will certainly help grocery stores to become more trustworthy. Some other products are to be delivered after they have been prepared (baked/cooked). When more people can trust grocery stores to deliver quality products based on their method of harvest/preparation or delivery, the industry, and its delivery routine will thrive. 

Furthermore, Americans have realized that ‘eating out’ is not entirely healthy for them. Many are becoming interested in investing in fresh grocery products and all we see is more reason is to see grocery delivery explode.


Since visibility builds trustworthiness, which helps consumers decide if they want certain products, grocery stores are expected to leverage technology, to provide their customers with live-view of their stores to help customers decide. Augmented reality may find an amazing application here for stores who want consumers to buy from their convenience. The time is not far; it is upon us.

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