What You Need to Know about the Dark Web

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The dark web is a portion of the internet where websites and various internet links are hidden. Typically, the (onion) websites exist; however, are encrypted and cannot be found (that is, crawled or indexed) by the common search engines or traditional browsers. The dark websites are encrypted unto anonymity with a Tor encryption tool. Here are things that might interest you to know about these websites. 

They are accessible through Darknet Browsers: 

The only way to access these encrypted websites is by using a darknet browser that can decrypt the encryption and refer you to the exact onion web. The darknet browser doesn’t just protect the dark websites, they make it difficult for your location and internet activities to be tracked through multiple nodes. The common darknet browsers include The Onion Browser, Invisible Internet Project, Whonix, etc. 

VPN is a complementing tool: 

Everyone wants their privacy protected, especially on the internet. A Virtual Private Network gives you double or triple protection, encrypting your IP and location. You never can tell about bad people or government agencies who try to look for victims. VPN helps you to completely mask your identity, which Internet Service Providers (ISP) can still track when you use a Darknet browser.

The darknet is a subset of the deep web: 

Though often confused, they are not the same. The deep web consists of websites that cannot be generally indexed by search engines and it includes intranets of various organizations, backends, and databases, etc. which no one is meant to access. The dark web belongs to this category but is intentionally encrypted with complex technologies such that they cannot be found or traced.

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Onion addresses are not your normal: 

The addresses are encrypted and usually contain 16 characters, which consist of numbers, alphabets, and special characters. Typically, the characters are referred to as alpha-semi-numeric hashes. An encrypted link code is generated by using a public key to configure a service on the Tor network.

They are not always illegal: 

Obviously, websites that happen to be on the dark web don’t want to be found. However, the fact that they are hidden does not mean they are illegal. It is used by activists, police, whistleblowers, journalists, etc. Albeit, if the websites promote things contrary to the law, such as forceful hacking or trafficking, then the website is illegal. It would be a hasty generalization to think that they are all illegal.

Your safety is important: 

You sure don’t want to make any mistake to get to where you don’t want or where your information can be stolen from the darknet. Hence, you must be conscious of your online protection. Make sure your VPN is active before you crawl −usually, the paid VPN is the surest protection you can get. You also must make sure that you copied the right ‘.onion’ URL and verify from multiple sources before plunging in. Be careful of clicking other links or extensions from the dark web and make sure you turn off your browser’s scripts.

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