What Is Container Gardening?

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Container gardening is when you grow your plants in containers rather than on the ground. These containers are best for urban areas where you don’t have a yard nor a garden. Wholesale flower pots fall into these categories as they’re just as mobile and space-efficient. You can utilize container gardening anywhere, and they add appeal to a home. The exciting aspect is that you can reuse them whenever you want, and depending on the type of container, they’re budget-friendly. You can grow varying plants like herbs, vegetables, and even flowers in a container. This article explores container gardening further, including the kind of plants you can produce; let’s dive in.

Plants You Can Grow

You can utilize container gardening to grow various vegetables and plants in urban areas. Apart from wholesale flower pots for flowers and berries, below are some vegetables you can grow in a container.


Tomatoes grow very well in containers. They’re one of the top options for most people looking to grow plants in a container. They’re also an excellent option for windowsill planting, especially when you’re going for balcony pots. Tomato plants sometimes climb over walls and will do great in a container on the balcony. However, there are varieties you can also grow indoors that won’t climb walls.

Chives and Salad Cress

You can also explore options like salad cress and chives in a container. They grow well in containers and are popular, especially as school projects. You have to find the right container size for these plants and ensure that you harvest them promptly. However, they’re also a great option when you’re ready to explore container gardening.

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Another option you can explore for your container gardening is peppers. You can plant both the bells and chili variety in containers, and they perform well whether indoors or at a windowsill. Peppers can grow in small or large containers, just like tomatoes; you have to find a suitable variety for you.


Like flowers, strawberries look attractive when you grow them in containers. You can use wholesale flower pots to grow strawberries, and they’re pretty easy to grow, especially for beginners. You can choose to cultivate this fruit indoors or outdoors when utilizing container gardening. However, ensure that you cover them with a plant mesh if you’re growing them outdoors. The plant mesh will serve as protection for your plant from the birds.

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