Wellness: Why Sleeping on Your Back is the Best Sleeping Position

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Do you know that your sleeping pose can have a major impact on your slumber—as well as your overall health? You’d surely find this article very helpful.
Best Sleeping Position
The body needs sleep to revitalise and re-energise, so it’s essential that the hours devoted to sleeping should be worth it.
Sleeping position is a vital aspect of our sleep as it is the position we employ that determines if we’re maximising the best of those hours.
The most preferable sleeping position, according to researchers, is the back position.
Sleeping on the back enables the mattress give the spine maximum support while the neck is also placed in a neutral position.
Back sleeping leaves the face out in the air, allowing enough air to brush through it all night long. This enhances a skin devoid of wrinkle as the face doesn’t have to brush against a pillow.
The most common sleeping positions include side and stomach positions; however, their cons far outweigh their pros.
For stomach sleeping, it helps ease snoring but it is the worst sleeping position. Flattening of the natural curve of the spine has been traced to this sleeping position which results in pain in the lower back.
Meanwhile, stomach sleepers tend to position their head on one side which strains the neck. This could result in pain when one wakes up.
For side sleepers, it is better adopted during pregnancy to aid blood circulation to the heart for the benefit of the mother and child.
However, sleeping on the left side could put pressure on the lungs and equally the stomach. It also results in arm numbness because the weight of the head has rested on the arm all through the night.
The weight of the head or the head on a single arm affects the muscles in the body, squeezes the nerves and impedes the flow of blood.
What you experience in the morning is a rubber-arm which comes with a pain that’s like being pricked with needles or pins.
Ultimately, sleeping on your back is generally considered to be the best position to adopt as it ensures good positioning of the spine and the neck.
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