Wedding Glam: Costly Wedding Traditions Couples Should Ditch

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Several times we have often heard people talk about how expensive and costly weddings are to plan but this makes one wonder just how expensive weddings are really are except you are going over your budget. After all, wedding costs can mount up if you stick to costly wedding traditions that should be ditched; with weddings you’ve just got to work with a budget and a good one that doesn’t make you and your partner drink garri after the whole wedding events because debts are being paid. We are in the 21st century and its time to ditch some uneconomical, costly and expensive wedding traditions to keep only the ones that work with your budgets. Here are some of those costly wedding traditions that should be thrown out the windowWedding Glam

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses: “If they are paying for the dresses, it isn’t fair to let them pay for a dress they will only wear once, give them the flexibility to pick gowns that will work for their budget and body shape and you can pick a colour and style but leave it up to them to pick the gown they feel comfortable in”.

Engagement Rings: “Why save two-month salary on a rock and still can’t afford it; working around your budget for a stone with significance, remember there are other wedding expenses to be taken care of”.

Bride footing the Wedding bills:  “Try splitting the bills between the couple and family relations that are willing to chip in to help; this doesn’t mean you should put pressure on family relations but discuss this with your partner first on how to go about splitting the bills”.

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Fancy Wedding Cake: “No matter how fancy your wedding cake is, it will be eaten; opt for a simple Wedding cake and less costly as compared to a fancy and expensive wedding cake”.

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