Want To Be Successful? Stay Away From These Types Of People

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Want To Be Successful: The type of people we surround ourselves with goes a long way in determining how positive or negative our lives turn out much more than ourselves at times. While some people can inspire and encourage us to be better versions of ourselves by sharing their positive energy with us to prepare us for success, some others tend to suck up our energy and have an overall negative effect on our careers and lives.

Want To Be Successful? Stay Away From These Types Of People

Want To Be Successful

You may be wondering how it is possible for you to identify the negative people in your life. Look no further as we present you a list of people that can stand in the way of you being successful.

The Pessimistic One
No matter how good and promising an idea or situation looks like, the pessimistic friend will always see the negative part of the situation. Having a 100% Pessimists as a friend is a bad idea as they can easily suck up all of your energy and enthusiasm, leaving you in a bad mood.

If it is difficult for you to stay off such people in your life, reduce communication to the barest minimum with such people. If someone is your friend to bring you down, there’s no need being around them at all.

The Social Climbers
These ones put their interests and every single thing that has to do with them on top of every other thing. These people are all about themselves and will put themselves first, no matter the situation. Even when the situation is clearly not about them, they will still find a way to put everything about themselves first.

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People that fall into this category will make you feel they are down for you but the moment your friendship becomes an obstacle to them or their ambitions, they will give it up without a second thought.

Dream Crushers
The people that belong in this category are easy to identify as they will stop at nothing to make sure that they give you a million and one logical reasons why the idea you have for a business cannot turn out positively. They will also give you reasons why your voice sounds poor to feature on a big stage or why you can’t make it through medical school because you’re not just caught out for such life.

Friends like this are an obstacle to a successful life because despite the fact that they don’t realise the harm that comes with their behavior, they believe they are simply being realistic. The truth however is friends like this only displace their gears on other people. They are scared of failing and simply want to inject the same fear and insecurities on others.

The Subtly Aggressive One
This type of friend has two sides. They have the sweet and beautiful part that endears people to them but they also have a bad part that comes up when they make a comment that can destroy all the happiness they gave with their sweet and beautiful nature. This kind is tricky. Their passive aggressive nature ensures that they shatter your confidence and leave you feeling out of sorts.

People like this are difficult to communicate with because of their hypocrisy and inability to say what is truly on their minds. It is best not to let them know that their words hurt you. You should however not ignore any scathing remarks made by them as dealing with the issues straight up is the best. Subtly Aggressive people are usually cowards and their behaviour can only be allowed and deemed normal by the length at which you allow them act.

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Moochers are those friends that suck on you like a leech. They are always in need of one help.or the other. It could be a small financial bailout or a favour now and again. This type of people are however never tired of reminding you of your obligation, if you owe them something but they will never pay off their own debts to you.

Furthermore, moochers use your personal desires against you for their own personal advancement and will do nothing to attempt to change the situation. Frequently, these are people who use our desire to help them in their own advance.

While it is important to help family and friends, it is also essential to know the difference between helping and allowing someone use you. Relationships are all about give and take; and if someone continuously takes from you without giving nothing in return, they are not worthy of being part of your success story.

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