How To Use Milk To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Skin & Hair

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Milk helps in the beautification process and hence is one of the most preferred home remedies people use since centuries. Below are some ways you can use milk in multiple ways to enhance the beauty of your skin and hair:Skin & Hair

Face cleansing: “Milk is a staple in every household and hence can be considered as the most economical and easy ingredient to solve all your beauty woes so ditch expensive cleansers that are full of artificial cleansers and use milk instead, just dip a cotton ball in cold milk and clean your face with it and wash off the residue with water and experience clean and glowing skin”.

Good exfoliant: “Raw milk acts as a natural scrub, the lactic acid and beta hydroxyl acid in milk sloughs off the dead cells and also promotes regeneration of new cells; apply raw milk on your face and allow it to dry, now gently rub your face in circular motion to get rid of the dried milk layer to exfoliate your face and neck”.

Skin tan: “Apply some chilled raw milk on your face the moment you step in from the sun, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off; the lactic acid in milk has natural bleaching properties hence it prevents tanning and lightens the skin tone too”.

Soft hair: “Is your dry and rough hair giving you bad hair days daily?, apply some raw milk on your scalp before hair wash; milk nourishes and conditions your hair, you can spray or pour some milk on your hair just before a bath”.

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Cracked heels: “Since raw milk is a good exfoliant and moisturiser, it can prevent cracked heels; you can prepare a foot soak with water, milk and brown sugar or rock salt, dip your feet in it for 10-15 minutes and then gently scrub off the dead cells with a pumice stone”.

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