Understanding the True Powers of Advertising

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Advertising has evolved over the years. There have been frequent changes to how companies reach out to customers and how the audience reacts to these adverts. But with the introduction of the internet, Big Data, data analytics, data acquisition and other things, advertising has evolved beyond how we knew it.

With behavioral targeting, advertisers can use information on things that consumers do online. They use clicks, social media, searches, browsing behavior to select the type of ads that their audience is shown. The unique online behavior of people is used to target them.  

Advertising has much more power than you can imagine. With a few words and the right audio and visual cues, a simple advert can make a long-lasting impression on almost anyone. Adverts are practically everywhere. We are bombarded with adverts on television, on radios, on the apps we use on our smartphones, on buses, on our smart TVs, on billboards etc.

As an advertiser, you can use psychology to work your way into the heart of your target audience. You can use sweet talk to create an association with a product.

There are consumers that do not want to buy a product initially. But immediately they hear of a sale, they quickly make moves to buy the product they did not want to buy at first. Advertisers take advantage of this by creating large banners on discounts and sweet deals.

Free trials are also another way that advertisers use to get to consumers. They tempt them with free trials of products. They make them want to try the product for free. They get them so hooked to the product when they try it that they will want to buy the product. They create limited offers that will soon expire. So, people that try these freebies out will make moves to buy them.

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Adverts can make consumers feel good, homely and loved and so trick consumers into buying products. Advertisers use special images for their ads. They use baby images, flower images and other things to make users feel good. When advertising food spices and condiments, advertisers show off specially prepared delicacies that look so good on camera. When you see this tasty food, you think that the seasoning can help you prepare food that looks as good as that. You don’t think of the fact that they might have used a professional chef to cook the food. You don’t think that the advertisers might have spent a lot of money on ingredients. You just think that the spice can help you prepare something as tasty as that.

Advertisers also take time in selecting the music that they use for their ads. They use music that resonates with the audience and makes them like what they are advertising. When you see the trailer of a movie, you hear special music that flows well with the trailer to the movie, and in no time you are thinking of purchasing the music. A lot of people associate a particular music with an advert. If you check the comment section of some music videos on YouTube, you will see that there are lots of people that heard of songs from some adverts.          

Advertisers can play to the emotion of their audience using powerful storytelling techniques. They craft special stories and narratives around products. They use stories that may not actually be a usage scenario of their product.

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Thanks to Big Data, advertisers can now personalize ads that are shown to people and specific age groups. You just Google a product and check for the price on Amazon or Best Buy. And the next thing you see is that you see adverts of the products all around. You see pop-ups and banners on almost every website that you visit both on mobile and desktop. Even when you use mobile apps on your phone, you see the ads. Before you know it, you are placing an order for the product.

Some advertisers create special catchphrases and catchy jingles. Some of these jingles and catchphrases may go viral, and the product gets to sell.  Advertisers also use the power of association whereby they associate special effects and emotions with their products. So, if you feel a certain way, you might be inclined to grab the product.  

There is a lot of subconscious effect that advertising has on people. Even if people feel distracted, anxious or in a hurry, they are still susceptible to special cues and messages in adverts. These messages resonate with you, and you start to feel along with them without taking time to analyze your thoughts or why you feel a particular way about a product.     

The powers of advertising are more effective than we can think. Adverts work in various subtle ways than we can imagine. If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, you need to study the powers of advertising and use them to your benefit.   

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