Trump fielded calls from children asking about Santa Claus, and he had some memorable quotes

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President Donald Trump gave an assist to the North American Aerospace Defense Command on Sunday, fielding calls from children eager to know about the whereabouts of Santa Claus.

The agency’s annual “NORAD Tracks Santa” program allows children to call on Christmas Eve and inquire about the legendary Christmas character.

Some of the children were patched through to President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

A pool reporter captured some of Trump’s conversations with the children, who did not know they were going to speak to the president.

“What would you like more than anything?” Trump asked a caller named Casper from Virginia. “Building blocks, that’s what I’ve always liked too. I always loved building blocks … Well I predict Santa will bring you building blocks, so many you won’t be able to use them all.”

In another call, Trump praised a young caller for his Christmas wish.

“So you want your grandma to get out of the hospital? That’s what your wish is? That’s great,” Trump said. “That’s better than asking for some toy or something, that’s much better, right?”

“So your grandma’s gonna be good, OK, she’s gonna be good.”

First lady Melania Trump took calls as well, assuring one child that Santa was en route to their home.

“As soon as you go to sleep, Santa will be there,” she said.

As a part of the NORAD Tracks Santa program, 1,500 volunteers man a command center in Colorado Springs and field more than 100,000 phone calls and emails from children all over the world. The tradition has continued for more than six decades.

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Former first lady Michelle Obama participated in the program each year from 2009 to 2016.

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