Tried and True Signs That Mean You Really Love Someone

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On the surface, love seems simple; either you love someone or you don’t. However, even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of love is quite ambiguous. Their simple definition of love is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person,” or “attraction that includes sexual desire,” or “a person you love in a romantic way.” How easily can infatuation conform to this definition? How can you tell if it’s one or the other?

 To help cut through some of the confusion and haze surrounding this big feeling, we’ve outlined some tips to help you determine if your love is the real deal.

The mundane becomes fun

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Is watching netflix and ordering pizza your ideal night? |

It’s easy to enjoy yourself when you’re on a romantic date or sinking your feet into white sand beaches, but love makes a trip to the DMV enjoyable and can transform a day of errands into one of the best days of your life. When you’re with the right person, even the cloudiest days will seem sunny and the most mundane tasks will contain an element of fun. Simply put, having someone you love by your side makes everything in life more enjoyable.

Your future includes your partner

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Do you dream of a future with this person? |

When you’re single, every choice you make is based on what’s best for you. When you love someone, your mind will naturally start to consider the other person’s needs. You’ll find yourself wondering if that career move you’ve been thinking about is good for the both of you or if it makes sense to visit your family or theirs over the holidays. When you love someone, you’ll want them by your side at your best friend’s wedding, when you buy your first house, and as you grow old.

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Your no longer mind any imperfections

Couple in love drinking coffee and having fun in a coffee shop

You love their flaws and all. |

Before you met this person, you may have said you’d never date someone who loved pop music or didn’t like to ski, but those rules will be thrown out the window the moment you fall in love. Love has a way of overpowering any sort of preconceived ideas or rules you set in place. It also transforms a person’s imperfections into unique qualities you happily embrace. When you’re in love, the fact that your significant would rather watch Star Wars than House Hunters or doesn’t know the first thing about your favorite sports team doesn’t matter to you.

Your partner makes you a better person

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If you are in love with your partner they will make you want to be a better person. |

While you will always be uniquely you, when you develop a relationship with someone you love your whole sense of self may change. You may take on new characteristics or strive to be a better version of yourself. Rather than spending the weekends playing video games, you may get into hiking or find yourself training for a 5k alongside your partner. The things that interest you, your habits, and the way you spend your time may be dramatically influenced by your love for another person.

He or she is always on your mind

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Can’t keep your mind off your boo? |

When you’re in love, everything will remind you of that person. Whether it’s a Facebook post, an advertisement, or a dog you see on the street, this person will never be far from your thoughts. In response to this reaction, you’ll find yourself talking about him or her to your friends, family, co-workers, or whoever will listen and calling them just to say “hi” or check in.

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You’ve lost interest in other people

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They are the only person you want. |

When you find true love, it will feel easy to let go of past lovers and current crushes. Even your first love or previous infatuations will fade away. While you’ll always objectively notice an attractive person, you’ll truly believe your significant other is the most attractive person on the planet and no one can compare. True love is so engulfing that this one person will be more than enough to satisfy and fulfill you.

You’re never afraid to show them off

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Be proud of your partner. |

Maybe you don’t love her new haircut, or you’re unsure why he insists on wearing that Hawaiian shirt with the hole in it as often as possible, but when you’re in love, you’re never embarrassed or ashamed of your partner. No matter how goofy they can be, you embrace their personality, appearance, and maybe even their rocky past. Even the worst of dance moves can’t prevent you from taking your partner out for a night on the town.

They balance you

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Find someone who keeps you balanced. | Jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images

Your partner is the yin to your yang. If you’re panicking, they calm you. If you’re crying, they cheer you up. You know you’d do the same for them, too. They help you realize that the worst things are never actually that bad and the best things are worth celebrating. They keep a steady balance in your life and in your emotions.

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