Top Ways Sitting Too Long Is Damaging Your Heart

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 Have you ever realised how much you sit? Either while unwinding on the couch in front of the TV after reaching home, while working on your computer or even while driving to work? Below are how sitting for too long can harm your heart.


DVT (deep vein thrombosis): “Although it is quite common in patients who are advised bed rest or people taking long flights, prolonged sitting in front of the TV or computer can also lead to DVT, which in severe cases can trigger sudden cardiac death; it results in the formation of a clot in the deep vein of the legs, which affects blood flow to the heart and lungs.


Obesity: ”Spending more than 6 – 8 hours sitting and not exercising can increase your risk of obesity, this is mainly due to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region as you sit for long, which hinders the blood circulation to the heart, moreover, it one of the common causes of other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension”.

Coronary artery disease: “According to research, prolonged sitting can lead to coronary artery calcification, which is an early marker of coronary artery disease and this is because long hours of sitting releases hormones and enzymes which lead to excess deposition of calcium in the plaques within the artery and also increases your risk of arteriosclerosis”.

High blood pressure: “It goes without saying that spending long hours sitting on a couch or chair means that you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, which is a key risk factor of hypertension and increased blood pressure is a known trigger of heart disease due to other contributing factors like obesity and stress”.

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Diabetes: “The more you spend your time watching TV, working on a computer or driving, the more the risk of you suffering from type 2 diabetes, sitting for long leads to accumulation of glucose in the body and less expenditure of energy, leading to obesity and high blood glucose, which can lead to impaired heart function in the long run”.


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