Top Things You Can Do With Your Woman’s N!pples During S3X

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N!pples are like a tiara for a woman’s b00bs, they are tiny but sensual and get completely aroused with slight touched or when it is cold and when it comes to s3x or foreplay, people talk about b00bs and oral s3x but n!pples are often ignored.Woman’s N!pples During S3X

Try exploring this erogenous zone and you will know what you’ve been missing. Here are few things you can do with your partners n!pples during s3x:

Tease: “The best way to get nipples hard and all aroused is by doing nothing at all with them; let your partner play with your b00bs using his hand, mouth or tongue without coming very close to the n!pples”.

Sniff: “Don’t underestimate the power of your nose during s3x, rub or nuzzle your nose against her n!pples or sniff and breathe heavily around the n!pples; if you have set the pace, she’s definitely going to get aroused by the sniffing”.

Experiment with textures: “N!pples are very sensitive, especially when she is menstruating; use different textures to titillate the n!pples and you can begin with soft silk or feather or cotton balls and move to velvet, corduroy, denim, or your towel; you can even use a leather belt or a lacy top for a difference in texture”.

Scissors: No, don’t use the actual scissors; make a scissor with your hand or fingers instead of cupping her, the scissor-like movement with the fingers will surely get the game going”.

Pinch: “You don’t need your partner, to begin with pinching all the time; do it yourself to get your n!pples hard and give an arousing visual to your partner and you can even ask him to pinch them with his fingers or lips but don’t get too rough unless your partner demands it”.

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Use ice: “Getting ice anywhere near your ripples will give you goosebumps and take the excitement to a new level, your partner can use his fingers to roll ice on your n!pples or keep an ice cube in his mouth while he plays with the n!pples”.

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