Top Things That Attracts Women To Men

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Wondering what can attract a woman to you? Below are things that attract women to men.

Things That Attracts Women

Hygiene: Women, in general, are very attracted to men with proper hygiene habits. A careful grooming is not only an indication that a man takes care of himself, but also that he can release pheromones which are a vital component in attraction. Men with clean hair, fresh and pleasant breath and an iron attire can go a long way when it comes to wooing women, however, when it comes to male personal care, exaggerating cologne or aftershave is a clear “misstep” for many women.

Things That Attracts Women

Trust: Women are attracted as if by a magnet to men who convey self-confidence in a natural and authentic way. When a man behaves in a way that suggests true confidence, it tells a woman that she can trust him and that he has achieved some success in life, whether personally, socially or professionally. Trust shows that you trust yourself, which encourages women to feel confidence in you too.

Strength: Although it may sound quite primitive, women are often attracted to men who have a physical appearance of strength, with moderate muscles, a strong build, and proper height. Many women have the feeling that a man can give them protection, strength also emits an aura of dominance, which many women find attractive and seductive.

Humor: No matter how a man looks, women are always drawn to those who have a strong sense of humor and quick wit. If a man can make a woman laugh successfully, he can make her feel happy, free and comfortable. Quick wit, when it comes with humor, makes a man look elegant and smart, which also always attracts women.

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Control: Women tend to find that men who are in control are magnetic and fascinating, this control in no way implies that man is a fan of controlling his environment, but that he controls his own destiny and his life. Women love men who are able to make firm decisions and hold their position without being easily influenced or allowed to be persuaded by the opinions and thoughts of other people.

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