Top Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Does Not Suck

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A common phrase people have tagged relationship with is that it sucks but it doesn’t as being with the right person, a special one who loves you is one of the best feeling in the world.


Most people blame and curse relationships because of  the wrong choices in partners. Bad relationships suck no doubt, but a good relationship is comes with a feeling words can’t describe. Being single and  happy is better than be in a relationship that would make you feel miserable.


Here are 7 reasons why relationships don’t suck.

There is someone to share your problems with: “One benefit of being in a relationship is that there is a special someone who’s ready to listen to whatever you have to say, someone who would be there and would offer solutions to anything that might weigh you down because one thing about having troubles and no one to share it with is that it would continually leave you troubled, but when there is someone to share it with, it becomes less difficult than before”. 

Someone to share your job with: “Having someone to share your worries might be good, but having someone to share your happiness with is even much better, just imagine being alone but with nobody to share certain moments of your life with, sharing a happy moment with someone you have huge feelings for is irreplaceable”.

Someone who has your happiness as priority: “This is another reason why being in a good relationship is worth all the hassle, when someone has your happiness at heart, the person would go all the way to make you happy, and that’s what relationships are all about”.

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No room for loneliness: “Being lonely isn’t a good feeling; it leaves room for worries to escalate, unnecessary negative thinking and depression, when in a relationship that’s true, there is hardly any room for loneliness”.

You become a better person: “With relationships, you learn to be a better person, consciously or unconsciously, when you have love in your heart, it would make you a much better person than when your heart is just filled with hate and anger as being responsible and committed to someone would make you a better person”. 

Someone to finally understand you:  “This is another good thing relationship brings — it just makes you feel that finally there is someone out of the billions on earth that just seems to understand you, sometimes, it isn’t just about having a whole lot of people around you, there could be a huge number of people around you, but you could still feel empty when with them but when you find that special partner, everything might just seem to click”.

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