Top Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Have Regular S3x

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Pregnancy could be a complicated time in the life of a woman; from hormonal changes to certain feelings and emotions and as well, certain beliefs and myths.

Pregnant Women Should Have Regular S3x

There are so many health benefits of having s3x when pregnant, even though some feel s3x should be avoided during pregnancy but even the doctors advises pregnant women to have s3x.

Although, there are some conditions that could warrant that s3x be avoided during pregnancy, this doesn’t go without saying that s3x during pregnancy is a magical experience.

S3x during pregnancy is divine and shouldn’t be passed away because of mere myths and superstitions. Below are some of those benefits of s3x during pregnancy.

AN INCREASED BOND: “To some men, women act irrational during pregnancy and so should be avoided, but do you know that s3x during pregnancy can help increase the bond between couples?; oxytocin, the love hormone is released during s3x, making partners more attached to each other, including the so-called irrational pregnant woman, s3x during pregnancy also triggers the release of endorphins in the body that makes both the mother and the baby happier by reducing levels of stress”.

IT STRENGTHEN THE PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES: “Having s3x during pregnancy can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, helping you to go through labour better”.

BETTER ORGASMS: “Pregnant women experience better orgasms and some women experience multiple orgasms for the first time during pregnancy; your genital and pelvic regions are filled with blood which would lead to all kinds of stimulation”.

IT BOOSTS IMMUNITY: “Your immunity is highly important during pregnancy, and it isn’t only diet, exercising and lifestyle that can help boost immunity — s3x can as well; s3x increases level of IgA antibodies in the body that help boost immunity and prevent one from seasonal cold and flu that is especially common during pregnancy”.

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BETTER SLEEP: “A pregnant woman needs to have better sleep, but due to certain discomforts and frequent urination, pregnant women tend to have lesser sleep; however, the orgasms experienced during s3x can help make a woman sleep better”.

LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE: “The stress from pregnancy can increase the risk of heart attack, but s3x calms everything down, the love hormone, oxytocin which is released during s3x is also a stress reliever and would help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level”.

IT IMPROVES CIRCULATION: “Blood supply and oxygen supply is highly important during pregnancy, for both the mother and child; with the release of certain hormones during s3x, adequate circulation is ensured in the body, leading to an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the foetus”.

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