Top 7 Ways to Get Bitcoin Without Any Investment in 2018

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Thanks to the increased interest in cryptocurrency and the increased acceptance of cryptocurrency worldwide, Bitcoin has greatly increased in value. There was even a time that the value of Bitcoin rose to over $20,000 for one coin! The high value of Bitcoin has led a lot of people to believe that it is impossible to get free Bitcoins. But that is wrong. In 2018, there are so many methods that you can use to get free Bitcoins. You can get Bitcoin free without any investment. Yes, you read that right. You can get free Bitcoin without spending a single dime.

Get Bitcoin

You still in doubt? Read on to learn seven ways that you can get free Bitcoin without any investment in 2018.

1. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give users free Bitcoin for completing tasks on their platform. These websites give you free Bitcoin for performing simple tasks like completing surveys, clicking on adverts, submitting email addresses, playing online games, entering captcha etc. With these websites, you can earn free Bitcoin without investing any money. But you have to be careful and selective with the websites as there are scams among the legit websites. Examples of bitcoin faucets are FreeBitcoin and MoonBitcoin.  

2. Complete Surveys

There are websites that offer visitors a lot of free Bitcoin for completing surveys. These websites include BitcoinGet, BitcoinReward, and others. Users earn little amounts of Bitcoin for every survey completed. A lot of these websites have a minimum amount of Bitcoin that must be earned before withdrawals can be made. You can earn Bitcoins amounting to this threshold after some weeks. The scam websites will put a threshold that you are unlikely to achieve. But the legit ones will put reasonable thresholds. They accept members from all over the world and the surveys are easy to complete.

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3. Micro Tasks

These are websites that pay you for completing micro tasks for Bitcoins. They are a legit way to earn Bitcoin online. A lot of these websites pay in tiny fraction of Bitcoin and they have a withdrawal limit. Not all micro tasks platforms require a PC. There are some apps like Coinbucks and Bituro that you can download on your smart phone and use to complete tasks like watching videos and downloading and testing apps.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing and the gig economy is on the increase. A lot of startups and even large companies now resort to hiring freelancers instead of hiring people to come work in a physical office for them. There are freelancing platforms that offer you Bitcoin in exchange for your freelance services. You can help them with things like writing, app development, computer programming, proofreading, graphics design, website design, virtual assistance etc. Apart from these platforms, you can also ask freelancing sites to pay you in Bitcoin instead of cash.

5. Online Games

There are various online games that reward players with free Bitcoin. You can download these games on your smart phone, have fun and earn Bitcoin from them. All you need to do is to download these games from your app store or visit their websites. After you install the games, you enter your Bitcoin address and then you start to play the games. A lot of these games feature Bitcoin-like designs in them. You get to have fun and earn money.

6. Read books

There are sites that pay you for reading books on their websites. Anyone can join these websites, read books and get free Bitcoin. All you need to do is to visit the websites, select the books that interest you, read the book and claim your reward. Some websites like Paidbooks pay weekly. It is a fun way of learning, having fun and earning money.

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7. Affiliate programs      

There are various affiliate programs available that you can participate in to earn free Bitcoin. You advertise their services and you get paid in Bitcoin anytime make a purchase through your affiliate link. You can join affiliate program of sites like Coinbase or LocalBitcoins. After you join these affiliate programs, you will get your own affiliate link that you can use to promote their products and services. You then place these links on your website or social media page. There are some affiliate programs that pay as high as 20 percent.

You can earn free Bitcoin by using any of the methods listed in this article. You don’t need to spend anything and you don’t need to invest any dime of your money.

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