Top 7 Countries with the Best Healthcare System in the World

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It is believed that when a country is prosperous then it has a positive impact on the healthcare sector. Their healthcare system is generally better with flawless coverage and service. It is based on a study done by Legatum Institute a research institute in London that just released their global Prosperity Index. Unfortunately, the American healthcare system isn’t included in the list.

The Institute has the key components to determine the results: the health infrastructure, the availability of any preventive care, and the nation’s basic physical and mental health. As the results, countries with big amounts of resources not only have the best scores within the Prosperity Index but also ranked within the lists of world’s healthiest.

The Asian Lists

Australia is one of the countries in the world with the best healthcare system. The system is said to be affordable and hassle-free. Moreover, the combination of low pollution and great weather is believed to contribute to the citizen’s health factor. The people are somewhat happy and cheerful. The low stress level is also believed to play a huge role in their health rank. This is the country with 82.8 as the average life expectancy. In the southern hemisphere, this is also the healthiest country ever existed.

Japan is another Asian country with a good healthcare system. Since they have a good and advanced economy, it is pretty understandable if they have a good healthcare system and service. After all, technologies (including in the health sector) are very advanced. The life expectancy in this country reaches 83 years old – which is considered the highest level in the world.

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Singapore is a small nation with an impeccable healthcare system. The system consists of only experts, along with skilled health workers and experienced professionals. No wonder if the life expectancy is similar to Japan’s – reaching 83 years of age.

The European Lists

The Netherlands is one among the 7 countries in the world with the best healthcare system. The nation has a positive reputation for having good healthcare services. After all, they spend around 12% of the GDP for the healthcare so they know that the sector is getting the major focus and priority by their government. In 2015 alone, the country was first in the list of Euro Health Consumer Index that is generally done annually.

Switzerland is another country in the European continent with a good healthcare system. All of the citizens must obey the obligatory regulation of having health insurance. The cool thing about their healthcare system is that they are universal – which offers great flexibility and leniency. The life expectancy in this country reaches 81 years old. With a combination of improved beauty, healthy, and rich, it is no wonder if everyone dreams of living in Switzerland.

Another country is Sweden, which is known as the ‘happy and prosperous country’. They have a high life expectancy reaching 80 years old. After all, the government takes care of their citizens well. It’s one of the happiest things to expect, right?

Luxembourg, a country in Europe nestled among France, Germany, and Belgium, manages to sit on the first lists of nations with the best healthcare system in the world. They have good and solid health infrastructures. Patients are free to choose their healthcare experts or specialists. The government provides major healthcare service, covering 90% of the areas so people won’t have to rely on private insurance or provider. However, they have the options for private insurance if they want to.

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There you have it: the 7 countries in the world with the best healthcare system and coverage. What do you think about the system in your country?

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