Teenager Sues Parents Over Embarrassing Facebook Baby Photos

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Teenager Sues Parents: An 18-year old woman in Austria is suing her parents for posting embarrassing photos of her on Facebook without her consent.

Teenager Sues Parents

The young lady claims her parents have shared over 500 “embarrassing and intimate” pictures of her on the site since 2009. According to her, She asked them to take the photos down and they refused. These pictures were shared with their over 700 Facebook friends and have “made her life a misery”.

“They knew no shame or limits. Whether I was sitting in the potty or naked in my crib, my every step was recorded photographically and afterwards, made public” the unnamed teenager told Austrian magazine ‘Die ganze Woche’.

Her father has said he sees no reason to delete the pictures as he believes the pictures belong to him as he took them. “I see it as my right to publish these pictures. After all, its our children and for my wife and myself, it’s a nice family album that goes down well with our Facebook friends” the unnamed man said.

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