Soludo BLASTS APC Over Oil Price, Corruption

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Soludo BLASTS APC, Prof. Charles Soludo, former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor yesterday took it hard on the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), when he told them to shift from the blame game and get to action as regards Nigeria’s economy.

Soludo BLASTS APC Over Oil Price, Corruption


Soludo said this at the Progressive Governors forum’s 4th progressive governance lecture series with the theme: “Building the economy of states: challenges of developing inclusively sustainable growth.”

He said, “you can blame PDP; blame oil price; blame corruption: Nigerians elected APC to sort our their problems assuming that things will get better.”

The professor said that for Nigeria to come out of its present challenge, there must be a coalition of economic policies that can deal with desperate socio-economic issues in a systematic and sustainable manner.

He also said the collapse of oil prices is a blessing for Nigeria to start a news beginning and that it is also a clarion call to press the restart button and begin afresh.

Soludo said, the country is dealing with political, economic and social shocks, stressing that growth in Nigeria and states will not be inclusive if we don’t break the dynasties of poverty and maximize the comparative and competitive advantages.

According to him, no state can develop sustainably if the overall governance and economy are in crisis, stressing that Nigeria economy in terms of dollar has collapsed by about 50 per cent.

“Nigeria is facing unprecedented and tremendous political and economic challenges with global and local dynamics. Regardless of these challenges, opportunities and possibilities abound if we address some fundamental issues. The key to achieving this is to have a development plan that is anchored on realizing inclusive and sustainable growth.” He said.

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In his word, Soludo restated that Inclusive and Sustainable growth cannot be achieved without conscious efforts to deconstruct the dynasties of poverty and maximize states and Nigeria’s comparative and competitive advantage.

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