Smartphones Apps You Never Knew Can Diagnose STD’s

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Smartphones Apps: The advancement in the medical world can never be overemphasised and that much can be attested to with the number of software applications available for an array of things ranging from food, blood donation and now, medical diagnosis.

Smartphones Apps You Never Knew Can Diagnose STD’s

Smartphones Apps

The days of having a weird rash or bump appearing on the penis and having it checked by a medical professional seems like something that will soon be condemned to the annals of the past.

This is because a number of medical apps meant for smartphones are now available for those that are especially uncomfortable pulling down their pants to have their private parts checked by a medical personnel. Newer and less awkward ways now exists through which a sexually transmitted infection or disease can be diagnosed without being present. You can simply send a photo of your private parts!

There is however a clinical term for this for of medical diagnosis and it is known as Telemedicine. The field of telemedicine is a growing one in which a patient can simply visit his or her doctor through a text message or video chat instead of walking into a clinic or hospital in person.

Quite a number of healthcare needs are now being served through the field of telemedicine. These needs include, preliminary diagnosis of diseases, antenatal care and sexual health without the physical presence of a medical doctor. As a matter of fact, certain medical issues can be handled completely through telemedicine from diagnosis to drug prescription.

A number of medical conditions especially sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and genital warts can be diagnosed by medical doctors by merely looking at photographs of the genitals. This can be conducted through Skype, Imo or any social media platform that supports video sharing.

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It is however important to note that some sexually transmitted infections cannot be diagnosed only through visual means and a holistic approach would be required. Nonetheless, a lot of sex applications can do the magic and have you diagnosed and treated without taking a step out of your house.

If you can see some signs and feel some untoward symptoms especially in your nether regions, you may want to consider making use of one of these mobile smartphone apps for diagnosing STDs.

Dermio is a health app that is available on iOS devices. This smartphone app will not only significantly reduce the amount it takes for you to get diagnosed and treated by a doctor, but will also provide you with the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

The app just requires you to upload photos and videos of yourself, most especially the affected parts of your body. Furthermore, you can also add a brief description of your symptoms and you can get a suitable diagnostic response in not more than twenty four hours but usually in less than five hours from a certified medical personnel.

If there’s a need, the doctor responding through the Dermio app can actually prescribe drugs and have a pharmacy deliver the drugs. The consultation fee is about $40 and unfortunately, is only available in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, and California in the US.

STD Triage
Just like the Dermio app, STD Triage is another smartphone app but is more limited to the field of dermatology and dermatologist respond to patients inquiry. It is however different in that the doctors on the STD Triage platform don’t call in prescriptions.

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The app requires you to upload two photos of your condition and or affected areas. You’re also required to fill in a basic intake form containing information such as gender, age and location. A dermatologist will respond to your inquiry within a few hours and provide you with a diagnosis and typical treatment plan.
While the application is free to download, it however requires a patient to pay $40 to submit a case.

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