Six Uncharted Things Women Discuss Among Themselves About Guys.

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WomenEveryone  know that  are Women  are vocal in nature , the same way men talk over bottles of beer, women also have friends they gist with, discuss several topics including their relationships especially s3x. Don’t be surprised that your girlfriends’ friends know all the darkest secrets of your relationship, while men always feel a little bit edgy talking about their s3x life women are so comfortable talking to their friends about all the details of their s3x life, they feel this liberate them and help them to be better people.

If you are worried about what your girl might be saying to her friends about your performance in bed.

1.How good the S3x is with you: “The next time you probably want to be selfish while having s3x with a woman by jerking off on your own, you had better think twice about it, women are bound to discuss the s3xual experience they have from sleeping with you with their friends”. “They rate your performance in bed and say go on to analyze how they felt afterwards, if you had the strength of a stallion and did well, they would praise you and if you could not even last thirty seconds while at it, be sure to be laughed at”.

2.The size of your pen!s: “Men discuss parts of women’s body too and even talk about it openly, women, when they are with their best friends do not skip a single detail, women discuss everything about you including your girth size, if you are endowed down there and could fill her up during s3x, she would tell and if you happen to have a small p3nis her friends would know in no time”.

3.Your favorite s3x position: “Your girlfriend would play your s3xual activity for her friends, she would tell them how strong you are in keeping it up, your s3x style and pattern would be discussed, they talk about how long s3x lasts with you and the habits you have while at it, you had better not be a pervert that needs to stick a finger in her asshole before you reach orgasm”.

4.How you make her feel after s3x: “Many men get naturally detached after s3x, some men roll away from the women and refuse to have body contact with them after, some sleep and do not worry about the women anymore, women become more sensitive after s3x they take all these into consideration and form their opinion about you”. “Women discuss these with their friends and worry if the whole affair is a sham, if you hold her after s3x you may just be giving her silent reassurance”.

5.What comes out of you in blissful release: “You may be more than embarrassed to read this part as a man, women do not hold back when discussing with other women, no matter how well you talk dirty with your woman, she would always feel more comfortable sharing some things with her friends, discussing this may help her get truly dirty with you”.

6.If you are a passionate lover: “Women love being carried along even during s3x In reality, s3x is not a one-way traffic, women love when men measure their feedback responses and work according to them, they do not want men that would keep hitting off without being bothered about the signs they give during s3x and they raise this with their friends and delegate on the next line action”.

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