Do These Six Things Daily To Your Spouse To Stay Married.

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 Getting married these days seems  a little bit difficult to accomplish  due to many reason.

Six ThingsBut the actual fact is staying married is the real task  because we are in a world that move faster than what we can handle it can be easy to let the basic tenets and principles of good love and partnership fall by the wayside, but don’t let that be your marriage! Don’t let it be you who is the lazy partner. Be present and aware of your partner and your marriage each day

 Do These Six Things Daily To Your Spouse  To Stay Married

1.Forgive:The best thing you can offer anyone you love is forgiveness. Each day, forgive. Forgive your partner for the flaws and mistakes. Unless it’s a major sin or breach of trust and respect, forgive. Your partner will never be perfect. He or she will always annoy you. Forgive and you will be happy and so will your spouse.

Six Things

2.Touch:It doesn’t have to be a hot bedroom session, but touch your partner. Each day. Hug. Kiss. Hold hands. Rub his or her back. Touch. Touch is so vital – human contact reminds us that we’re there for each other, literally.

3.Acceptance:This is similar to forgiveness but different. Forgiveness is allowing your partner to make mistakes – forget to clean the dishes or say something somewhat harsh or not notice a new haircut without shutting him or her out or getting angry.

Acceptance is recognizing that, for example, your spouse may always be reluctant to push forward to work or poor at making romantic gestures but that you still appreciate all the person does do for you. Acceptance is knowing your partner is great for what they excel at and not harping at what they are not good at!

Six Things

4. Gesture:.Making kind gestures toward your partner, whether it’s making coffee or tidying up the bed or saying she looks pretty each day, is a sure-fire way to stay married, plain and simple. Small gestures add up to so much in our intimate relationships.

Six Things

5. Listen:This is the hardest of them all – minus acceptance, I think. Listen to your spouse. Really listen. Ask questions. Every single day. Your spouse “says” so much even when he or she isn’t directly saying something. Listening means hearing stuff we don’t always want to hear, and listening means hearing stuff we somehow missed the day before. Just listen.Six Things

6. Kiss:This is different than touch but similar. Kiss. Kiss your spouse. Personally, I think a hot, passionate kiss should be shared each day, but if that’s not you, at least reach up and give that honey a smooch. Lips are delicious. Share the one thing that way back in the day at kiss one had your knees shaking and your heart fluttering.

Six Things


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