Six Little Things That Can Easily Be Stolen By Everyone.

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Have you ever thought of yourself as a thief? Odds are you have stolen something at least once in your life. Of course, this doesn’t mean you are a vicious criminal who creates manipulative and masterminded plots to rob banks or steal diamonds.

But more than likely, at one time or another, you have “borrowed” something and forgotten to give it back, picked up something you thought was yours and put it in your pocket, or accidentally borrowed a dish from your neighbor that is now your favorite serving plate.

You may be thinking “that does’t count” about some of these small things. You may have thought it was yours, and, hey, nobody’s really going to miss it.

Though these cases of petty theft are probably not going to get you time in the slammer, when you take a second to think about it, we steal a lot of stuff. We created a list of some of the most common things we like to steal the most — some of them accidentally and others, we steal on purpose.

1. Pens


Oh My God it, “that understand that exclamation when  Joe stole my pen again.” Pen theft is so common around the office that 70% of office employees say they’ve have had a pen go missing, and 40% have actually caught a co-worker stealing their pen red-handed. We steal pens so much that at ban actually tie  to clipboards. And banks, well, they chain those pens down so our thieving hands don’t walk out with them.have you ever stolen  someone’s pen?

2. A spot in line


Commuters form long queues for buses outside Waterloo Station in London, on April 29, 2014, as a planned 48 hour underground train strike came into effect late Monday night. Workers on London’s Underground train system began a 48-hour strike at 9:00 pm (2000 GMT) on Monday, threatening chaos for commuters and hitting football supporters attending Arsenal’s match with Newcastle. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Have you ever cut in line? especially at bank or ATM point   When someone cuts in line, in all actuality, that person is stealing someone else’s time. That person has to wait longer because the line cutter stole the spot he or she waited for. This can produce varying reactions.

You may be thinking, “I’ve never cut in line.” But think about those times when you’re in a long line at the store and a new register opens up. When the cashier says, “I can take someone at this register,” have you ever rushed to get to that empty register before the person who should theoretically be next in line?

3. Hotel amenities

Stolen When staying in a hotel, many people want to enjoy a relaxing experience: a comfy bed, coffee in the morning, and a nice, hot shower. A survey by found that 23% of travelers look for rooms with high-end coffee makers, and 34% say that free Wi-Fi is a must-have. Many people look for the comforts of home and some, well, they like to take hotel comforts home with them.

More than one-third (35%) of hotel guests admit to stealing hotel amenities like towels and linens. Of the countries surveyed, Denmark appears to steal the least from hotels, and Colombia admits to stealing the most, which means they either steal a whole lot of hotel swag or they’re just more honest than some of the other survey respondents. The U.S. was not at the bottom, but we did rank pretty low on the honesty list, ranking at No. 23 out of 29 countries.

4. Parking spots


Parking lot and bridge construction an evening

It’s weekend. The parking lot is completely packed and it appears as though there’s not a single place to park your vehicle. All of the sudden, you see a spot in the next row over. The only problem is, another car is already going for that same spot. Do you try and get there

5. Books and magazines

Stolen These days, we have e-readers, tablets, and phones with reading apps. But many of us still love a good old-fashioned book. Have you ever borrowed a book and forgotten to return it? Is that book sitting on your shelf?

While scanning through a magazine, maybe you inadvertently brought it with you instead of putting it back down before you left. Many doctor’s offices and hair salons have piles of magazines in the waiting area to reduce boredom during the waiting period. Have you ever accidentally taken one of those magazines home with you?

6. Lighters

Stolen A lighter is one of the most commonly lost items, along with pens and wallets. For a smoker, a lighter is an essential item — that person needs his or her lighter to light cigarettes around 20 times a day. Have you ever seen a smoker out in public who doesn’t have a light? He or she may scan the surroundings, looking for other smokers who can lend one, or a nearby convenience store where a lighter can be purchased.

It’s easy to place something so small into your pocket. You may be used to holding a lighter in your hand, and when you have someone else’s, you think it’s yours and just walk away with it. Enjoying your new lighter?

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