Singer Emma Nyra Fires Back at OD Beats [READ]

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Just when you think the drama has ended between former TripleMG singer Emma Nyra and OD Beats hold on as Emma Nyra claps back. After being heavily barged by music producer OD Beats, the beautiful singer and “For My Matter” crooner makes a sound clap back for OD Beats and haters aka “bad belle”. From her instagram page the embittered singer Emma Nyra  decided to vent her displeasure and send strong warnings to haters and all who want to drag her to the mud. She took the time to pen down this note.

Emma Nyra Fires Back at OD Beats

I have been patient with those who have been attacking me for years. Is it because I am a woman? Do you think I am weak and do not have a voice? I have my own self-funded company. I write and compose MY OWN music with my team way before I enter the studio as well as with any writer I may work with. I ALWAYS conduct business honestly with ALL of my staff members and anyone who renders me a service. You should know by now that I am not weak. You can not prey on me just because I am a woman. This is the#YearOfTheWOMAN. I speak for all women when I say that we should no longer take any form of defamation sitting down. Any one, and any company, trying to defame me henceforth will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You will see the power of God and His love work through me this year and forevermore. This is the first and last time I am addressing anything like this ever again. Now, back to the music! #NyraMusicMondayin full effect! #StopVictimizingWomen#WORKHARD and #MAKEMONEY!#LoveVersusMoney #YearOfTheWOMAN#WheresMyMoney?#ItsNotByForceToWorkWithYou#WhoYouHep?

With both sides rendering their own version of this rather disappointing tale.  We can’t for sure tell who has erred or who is right. Be sure to check here for more updates.

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