Seven Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

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As Women, we always feel we know what a guy wants in a woman, with a different stereotypical list in our heads of the qualities men look out for in a woman but today we are here to change that stereotype list every lady have in their head of what men want in women.


Well, here is a character sketch for an irresistible Woman.

  • She is spontaneous: “Men love an unpredictable woman, we’re not talking about those that go over the top, but subtly, gently and those that are spontaneous in their own graceful way”.

  • She is confident: “A woman who has an air of confidence about herself is especially irresistible, a woman does not need to be drop dead gorgeous to make a man fall for her, more often than not, it is the aura of confidence surrounding her that is more appealing to a man”.

  • She is funny: “A woman with a funny bone who understands your humour is supremely interesting and irresistible, she is intelligent and has the ability to make her man laugh”.

  • She is adventurous: “No matter how grown up a man is there is always that little spark of madness that he has which you can never take away, a man loves a woman who thinks a bit him like him, a man loves a woman who doesn’t mind getting a little dirt in the fingers”.

  • She is athletic and loves sports: Men love video games and sports if a woman loves any of the two that makes her that much more attractive, you can place a supermodel on one side and a fun, decent looking girl who loves sports, chances are that a guy will mostly choose the sporty ones”.

  • She is real and not fake: “A fake girl is a serious turn off for a man, a fun loving, simple and true girl has more chances to win a man’s heart than a fake one”.

  • She has a genuine smile: “Most women fake smiles at the snap of a finger, men notice even these small things, a genuine and beautiful smile is enough to make a man fall head over heels for a woman”.

All in all, men love women who are genuine if a woman is secure enough to be herself this is the biggest trigger for attraction”. So all you women out there, be yourself, men will love you for who you are.

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