Seven Good Tips On How To Become A Guru Academically

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Thousand of people have been wondering and bothered on how to become a guru in their various academics pursue in life

A GuruIf you belong to the school of thought which pontificates that being a genius is innate, or something one is born with, then you are wrong.

Here are ways you too can improve your memory, your intelligence, and also become a Guru.

1. Train your memory: Try to memorize words or numbers on a daily basis. There are also pattern finding games online which you can download to help with this. The brain is also a muscle, the more it is worked the better it would get.

2. Open yourself to other points of view: A smart person is an open minded person. He/she questions his or her answers to life’s many questions as much as he/she questions the answers of others. Understand that you are ignorant. While doing this, bear in mind that everyone else might also be as, if not more ignorant than you.

3. Find Motivation: You first of all find the motivation to pursue one task to completion, and before you know it, the inspiration comes to do it to the best of your ability.

4. Do Cardiovascular work out: Cardiovascular fitness can raise your verbal intelligence and improve long-term memory. Google on this subject of cardiovascular exercises of you don’t understand this.

5. Play video games: Most truly intelligent guys out there are video game enthusiasts.
It might look like just a waste of time, but video gaming can actually stimulate the growth of neurons and promote connectivity in the regions of the brain responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic planning.
Playing video games also keeps the brain fresh and reverses aging.

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6. Do Yoga: Meditate. Find the right posture, sit still, focus on steady breathing, and flip through mental pictures in your head.

7. Learn how to play a musical instrument.

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