SARS Is Doing Fantastically Well Across The Country – Nigerian Police Spokesperson

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Following the #EndSARS movement that has long gone viral on Nigeria’s cyberspace, the Nigerian Police through its spokesperson Jimoh Moshood, dismissed allegations of torture and crimes leveled against the special anti-robbery squad (SARS).

 Nigerian Police Spokesperson

According to Moshood, the allegation against the agency established by the Nigeria police to fight violent crimes should be condemned, because they have lived up to its duty of curbing violent crimes.

“As we speak, SARS is doing fantastically well across the country in reducing incidents of robbery to the barest minimum… they are doing very, very well.

There has not been any specific violation of human rights against any SARS personnel. So anybody that is spreading such a rumour is not doing the nation any good.

SARS has no excesses and when there is any, we do investigate. The call for SARS to be scrapped should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians. Anybody calling for their proscription is not doing the nation any good and such people should be suspected as having something to hide.”

Speaking further in his interview with Cableng, Moshood said complaints about activities of SARS should be taken through established channels.

“Accessibility (to the police in cases of complaints) is very possible. We do not take any infraction or violation of human right of any Nigerian likely. You know that so many police officers have been dismissed and even charged to court.

So, Nigerians should not give in to insinuations from people that just come to the social media and start spreading falsehood. Such people spreading such information may likely be armed robbers themselves.”

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Call for proscription of SARS came after the officers attached to the agency were accused of maltreating and torturing innocent citizens at will, with notable Nigerian celebrities joining the movement.

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