How To Reduce Arm Fat

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Do you avoid wearing sleeveless because you have heavy arms you just wish you could get rid of? I have got 6 ways to reduce arm fat so you can rock your sleeveless again.

 Reduce Arm Fat

“Cut down on unhealthy or high-calorie foods, opt for healthy foods instead”.

“Get yourself a skipping rope and start skipping, skipping helps tone your arms and reduce arm fat”.

“Stretch your arms by interlocking your fingers behind your head; make sure your elbow is behind your head as you stretch your arms, try to do this regularly as it helps tone the arm muscles and bring them back in shape”.

“Holding dumbbells in each hand while you rotate your wrist helps tone the arm muscles; to do this, extend your hands forward and firm while holding a dumbbell in each hand, leave a little gap between your feet and swiftly rotate your wrist”.

“Another way to tone your arms is by doing triceps with one arm and to do this, sit on a floor placing your hands almost a foot behind your hips; your legs and feet should be pressed together with your finger pointing towards your butt, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, raise your hips above the floor while keeping your arms straight then bend your elbow only with one arm; do this with your butt close to the floor without touching it and repeat with each arms”.

“Pull-ups also help tone your arm muscles, while holding a sturdy strong rod, pull yourself up”.

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