I Really Want To Be Close To My Children, Afeez Oyetoro Reveals

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Afeez Oyetoro popularly known as ‘Saka’ has revealed in a recent interview that he really loves being close to his family, especially his children.I Really Want To Be Close To My Children, Afeez Oyetoro Reveals

He revealed this while talking about why he married late as a result of poverty and due to the fact that he had to chase his career as an actor.

“My children are my first critics. Sometimes, they ask me, “Daddy, why is Saka doing like this?” “Is this how to wear the uniform?” Sometimes when I do something, I let them see it first and listen to them. My wife and children understand me most.

When I am away for a long time and come back home, I loosen up. I organise dance competition and crack jokes. I do perform for them to cover up for the lost time. I really want to be close to my children. I try as much as possible to do so. My children are free with me and their mother. They are free to express their feelings. We give them disciplined freedom of expression.”

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