Quick, Easy Tips For Fine, Thick & Full Beards

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Beards has been the “in thing” for guys for a while now and many women seems to be more attracted to men who have beards.

Easy Tips For Fine

Growing a beard, as common and popular as it is, is not easy as it seems, unless it’s in you to be hairy, growing beards can be very frustrating but not impossible as a fine and healthy looking beards is achievable for every man once you do the right thing.

Here are some steps to follow to get that full and thick beard you want.

Manage your stress and exercise more: “It is a fact that stress contributes to hair loss, when you are under stress, your male hormone levels drop, and this constricts blood vessels thereby causing the hair toot to receive fewer nutrients which means you should avoid stressful situations, always find time to relax and try and sleep a minimum of 7 to 8 hours daily as this is essential for not just your beard growth also for your general well-being”.

Proper skin care: “Cleaner skin makes hair growth easier and faster, when your skin is not clean, hair follicles can become blocked with dirt, thereby preventing your hair from growing so practice proper skin care, ensure your skin is always clean and use healthy hair grooming products and it will also help if you also exfoliate your face at least, once a week, this helps remove dead cells and stimulate facial hair growth”.

Be mindful of what you eat: “Protein accelerates hair growth so you must eat a lot of it if you want a healthy looking beard it is also important to get as much vitamins as you can, and drink lots of water”.

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Don’t shave or shape too soon: “Ignore the common belief that the more you shave, the more the beard grows, it isn’t exactly true, you need to give your beard time to grow if you want to grow fuller beards and you must let your beard grow for at least 2 to 3, 4 months (without shaving or shaping) only then, would most beards start to fill up and connect”.

Use beards oil: “Once you start growing a beard even if it’s still light and faint, start applying a nice beard oil to make it grow faster and also makes it look healthier, younger and fuller, look for beards oil that contain Eucalyptus as the main ingredient, as eucalyptus helps promote facial hair growth”.

Be patient: “Growing a beard takes time, you must be ready to give it time to grow so be patient and follow beards tips, while some are naturally hairy, and grow fuller beards in time, others take long to get the beard they want”.

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