Pepe Pens Heartfelt farewell letter Goodbye To Real Madrid

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Pepe will be leaving Real Madrid this month and has taken to social media to pen a heartfelt farewell letter to the Madrid faithfuls.PEPE PENS BIDS FAREWELL TO MADRID

The Portuguese Pepe defender confirmed he would be leaving the club when his contract expires, after he was offered a one-year extension instead of the two years he wanted.

And Pepe has noe picked today to say his goodbyes to the Santiago Bernabeu and its fans.

The 34-year-old wrote on Instagram: “On July 12, 2007 I arrived at Real Madrid with the illusion of a boy who arrived where he had dreamed every day of his childhood.

“Today, 10 years later, I have to stop wearing this badge. Every day I wore this shirt, I did it with the illusion of always.

“Today I can only thank all of you who have supported me, that you have written this beautiful story with me. Thanks to each one of you, who accompanied me. Thanks to all the friends and colleagues I know will stay wherever I go.

“I say goodbye also to this city, which has seen the birth and growth of my daughters. I am very happy for what I have achieved and I will carry your affection in the heart!

“And I say it again … The best of these 10 years ??? To train every day, to live with each and every one of the employees of this club … Treading the Santiago Bernabeu and feeling your support was always magic!

“In my heart I keep your affection, and this feeling of duty fulfilled … Real Madrid and your affection will always be part of my history, my life! Thanks and Until Always! “.

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