Pep Guardiola’s Man City Are Better Placed To Win The Premier League Over The Weak & Toothless Manchester United

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Manchester City are in red hot form and better placed to win the Premier League title this season over the toothless & overrated Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United.

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It was typical to see Jose Mourinho revert to a defensive approach to get a point against Liverpool at Anfield last week.


A side with one of the most expensive players on earth defending hard like farm workers against a Liverpool side that was lacking confidence.

Saturday’s defeat against underdogs Huddersfield meant United dropped 5 points against 2 teams  they could have easily beaten had Mourinho played actual football instead of defending like the little team on the pitch.

When you play a cautious and defensive minded approach against bigger teams, it puts you under intense pressure to win matches against smaller team!

As usual, Mourinho, 54, will never take the blame but accuse his players of mutiny.

Jose Mourinho will never take the blame when the going gets tough

Imagine Manchester City going to Anfield to defend and settle for a draw against a Liverpool side that are confused at what type of football they should be playing. Just imagine!

When Pep Guardiola took his brawny City troops to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in Septemberit was a one-way traffic match as they were utterly dominant against the Champions. They also left the stadium with 3 Points in the bag.

It is simple- Manchester City play every match to win= Positive Football.

Whilst Mourinho wants to defend and nick out draws= Negative Football. And that style of football will never win you the Premier League in this modern era.

Which is why Pep Guardiola’s Man City Are Better Placed To Win The Premier League Over The Toothless Jose Mourinho’ Manchester United.

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