Pastor Tunde Bakare Opines Nigeria Corruption Stinks So Bad The World Has Turned Away In Disgust And Derision

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Pastor Tunde Bakare Opines Nigeria Corruption Stinks

Pastor Tunde Bakare, General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, discloses that the stench of Nigeria’s corruption remains “fantastically” horrible the world has turned away its nose in disgust at the mention of the name “Nigeria”.

Pastor Tunde Bakare Opines Nigeria Corruption Stinks

Bakare spoke at the launch of the Onyekachi Ubani Foundation over the weekend with the theme of his keynote speech as: “The system that allows massive corruption in Nigeria must be a bad system”.

It was delivered through Segun Oloketuyi, managing director of Wema Bank Plc, the Nation reported.

Pastor Tunde Bakare said, “Despite the emergence of a new government on the heels of a strong anti-corruption campaign, despite the credence lent to this anti-corruption promise by the antecedent of President Buhari, and despite global acknowledgement that Nigeria has taken shovel loads off the peak of this mountain of filth, the stench of corruption remains “fantastically” horrible with the rest of the world turning their noses away in disgust and derision.”

Pastor Tunde Bakare Opines Nigeria Corruption Stinks

Pastor Tunde Bakare and President Buhari

“Therefore, I am confident that there is hope.” Pastor Tunde Bakare continued, “What is urgently required is the redefinition of our value system along the lines of probity and integrity by highlighting our anti-corruption narrative.”

“Then, upon that foundation, we must build a corruption-tight system that reinforces this narrative and eliminates the contrary,” Bakare added, “This task of refabricating society is a collective responsibility that must involve all, the government as well as the governed.”

The pastor also gave example while citing the past regime of military rule.

He said, “Nigeria became synonymous with corruption, and this was carried on through 17 years of civil governance.”

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Bakare stated that the attitude of impunity was caused by an “expectation and demand culture” .

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