Oven Or More? Extra Ways To Prepare Baked Potatoes

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There are many sides to life and you are expected to choose yours. The same goes with baked potato, there are many other ways to prepare them without a traditional oven. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside has always been the actualized result of baked potatoes in the oven. Although, other ways or methods to prepare baked potatoes might not be able to match up with that of the oven but adhering to the rules proffer almost similar results. Ovens are great for a regulated temperature range and proper circulation of heat within the oven space. Other kitchen appliances for baking involves the use of some insightful tips and techniques which would be unfolded as you read on. 

Below are extras you can use in place of an oven;

Microwave cooking

Not strange, is it? This is a thumbs up when you are in a hurry. You might be skeptical about microwave baked potatoes but they give out a fine output, might not be so crispy as expected but still good. 


Wash and pierce potatoes all over with a fork or a paring knife. 

Place the potato on the microwave plate 

Time is highly dependent on the size of the potato but you can set the timer to 5 minutes or wait till the potatoes are soft and switch the potato sides for an even output. 

You can add toppings to your baked potatoes if interested. 

Technique: Draw a cross sign at the center of your potato to create an opening for a faster cooking process. 

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Grill baking

Very effective. Just like an oven but with don’ts. An incredible choice for an outdoor cuisine. 


Preheat grill to a medium tempo

Wash and scrub potatoes properly. 

Boil for five minutes 

Pierce with a fork or knife all over

Saturate its skin with olive oil and seasoning of choice

Place on the grill and close lid

Turn subsequently for a better output

Technique: Wrap potatoes in a heavy-duty foil to prevent a soggy skin. 

Air-fry your potatoes 

Strange? But true. It’s time to put your air fryer to great use. 


Scrub potatoes properly with a vegetable scrub. 

Pierce with a fork or a paring knife 

N. B: Making numerous holes in the potato with a knife or fork is to allow easy flow of steam while cooking and prevent explosion. 

Use a pastry brush to rub the potato skin with veg. oil 

Soak in salt and other seasonings as desired. 

Place the potatoes in the air basket but space them properly for a better circulation of heat. 

No specific time for cooking. It all depends on its sizes but works with a minimum of 35 minutes. 

Enjoy your meal

Toaster oven

Although, it is very synonymous to a standard oven but lacks sufficient insulation to avoid heat escape. However, it’ll still do a good job baking your potatoes to satisfaction and taste. 


Wash potatoes carefully with a vegetable scrub and avoid bruising its skin. 

Soak in a warm saltwater

Grease with butter moderately

Place potatoes on the toaster rack

Change sides when cooking for even distribution of heat

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No specific timing but a minimum of 20 minutes  

N. B: The aforementioned extras might not be able to duly replace the quality taste of an oven baked potato but serves a similar purpose in absence of an oven.

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