Ondo2016: Tinubu Finally Speaks On The Emergence Of Akeredolu

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Tinubu Finally Speaks: Political heavyweight, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has spoken on the recently concluded All Progressives Congress primary election in Ondo which produced a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Akeredolu as winner.
 Tinubu Finally Speaks
Rotimi Akeredolu
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was embroiled in an imposition saga as the Ondo primary election gathered momentum has embraced the party’s emerging flagbearer, Rotimi Akeredolu despite the uninspiring utterances by the winner directed at him during the build-up of the intra-party election.
The All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday urged party members in Ondo State to unite and support the winner of the party’s ticket.“In Ondo we must close ranks to achieve victory. The future of the state and of the party in the state should never be held ransom to insignificant personal animosities and perceived slights,” he said in a statement.

According to him, after years of misgovernance and suppression of the state’s immense potential, Ondo people have a chance to break those shackles and move themselves toward progress, justice and prosperity, which he said are their due.

Tinubu believes the APC must win the November 26 election to restore democracy and the virtues of public service to the state.

“This is what the people desire and deserve. They have waited patiently. Now is the time to answer their call. This is our duty as a party and as people who care about their fellow man,” Tinubu said.

To him, any of the APC governorship aspirants is better and more qualified than the candidate of the party he said would soon be ousted because of its poor stewardship.

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“No matter who that person shall be, it will be incumbent on us as a party and as individuals who want better for the people of Ondo to put aside our minor differences in order to rally around the candidate.

“Brothers and friends squabble and argue. That is human nature, but in the face of opposition that is determined to do injustice, brothers and friends reunite in common cause. This, the APC in Ondo must do.

“You all know what is at stake. You all know what your conscience is telling you. There can be no excuses or failure this time,” Tinubu said.

The former Lagos State Governor said Ondo must not miss the opportunity to place itself on the “correct path”. He added that for the “great change” to take place, governance must move from where it is held captive and into the hands of the APC.

“However, we cannot accomplish this great deed through petty bickering or by allowing our very opponents to sow discord among us. Our mission is too important and too humane to allow ourselves to be divided or sidetracked. We must remember what is truly at stake.

“Ondo will either renew the way of progress or it will continue to be oppressed. The APC is the way of progress. Thus, let us make this progress hand in hand, united in our belief that we can make Ondo better.

“The APC must go into the governorship as united in focus and purpose. All else is secondary to this objective. The journey to reestablishing governance for the people and for posterity begins with the primaries this Saturday,” Tinubu said.

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According to him, during such tight competition within a party to choose a candidate, tensions always mount and often-harsh things are spoken. He urged party members to keep their differences aside and work toward achieving victory for the party.

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