Ondo Decides: Jimoh Ibrahim Directs PDP Supporters to Vote Akeredolu in Touching Message

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Jimoh Ibrahim Directs PDP Supporters: Former gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in Ondo State, Jimoh Ibrahim has pledge allegiance to the All Progressives Congress standard-bearer, Rotimi Akeredolu with a public call to the PDP supporters to vote for the legal practitioner.
Jimoh Ibrahim Directs PDP SupportersJimoh Ibrahim
Businessman Jimoh Ibrahim has taken to his Twitter handle to launch a surprise campaign for the All Progressives Congress and its candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu.
Mr. Ibrahim made the disclosure in a very emotional message that reeks of deep thoughts and painstaking considerations.
Read his letter below:
24 hours to the commencement of voting, the magnitude of tension and anxiety spiralling in Ondo state calls for concern.
The dimensions of the anxiety is whether to follow the old ignoble path of the last 8 years or to inaugurate a new refreshing fresh air. Of course, each of the choices come with profound consequences for our people.
However, the very objective of this election is to install a new leadership for Ondo state. Without doubt, the kind of leadership that we all want for is a leadership with Integrity, Ability, Readiness, self Conviction and assured Capacity to initiate and drive development.
Since the appeal court judgement followed by the supreme court’s inconclusive order on the candidacy crisis in the PDP, I have ruminated deeply and prayerfully about the future of our dear state and the people. I have also engaged leaders in our party, the PDP and a wide range of senior citizens of our state.
It is our conviction and agreement that Ondo state must be returned to the winning path and that the years of servitude and mindless rulership must be brought to an end.
Personally, I have come to a crossroad between my conscience and party. My conscience does not allow me to support a surrogate candidate for the PDP, who is untrained, inexperienced and incapable of grasping the complex leadership issues of Ondo state at this time. Whereas my love for my party also burns in my heart.
In view of this and having considered all the candidates asking for the job of Governor of Ondo state, I have come to the conclusion that only Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN of the APC posses the right mentality, competence, readiness and moral amplitude to lead Ondo state.
I am therefore directing all our PDP party leaders, ward evangelists and unit canvassers, supporters as well as all the non politician society leaders who are working with us, including Kabiyesi’s, civil servants, workers union, religious leaders to work hard for and mobilise votes for our brother and friend Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN of APC.
You are to invest all your energies and capabilities to legitimately ensure that our brother Akeredolu emerges victorious in your units and wards and by extension the entire state.
It a known fact that Akeredolu will never tell a lie to you nor appropriate state powers and privileges to himself for selfish pleasures.
I have always said that the task to develop Ondo state begins with the type of leader we hire for the job. Its time to act rigtht.
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