Nuclear Tension As North Korea Considers Trump Statement Declaration Of War

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The Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho has said that United States President Donald Trump has “declared a war” on North Korea, while conveying a threat to shoot down US bombers.

North Korea Considers Trump Statement

Ho, while speaking to reporters outside his hotel in New York. said, “Trump claimed our leadership would not be around much longer. He declared a war on our country.”

“All the member states and the whole world should clearly remember it was the United States that first declared war on our country.”

“Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to take counter-measures including the right to shoot down US strategic bombers even when they are not yet inside the airspace border of country.”

“The question of who will be around much longer will be answered then.” It remains to be seen how US will respond to North Korea’s interpretation of Trump’s threat.

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