MUST READ! Why Ladies Feel Cheated

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Ladies Feel Cheated: In recent times, disagreements and arguments seem inevitable in relationships. What brings about them is however difficult to pinpoint. Most times, girls are perceived to be the instigators of such issues.

Why Ladies Feel Cheated

Ladies Feel Cheated

The question hits our minds and different people come up with various resolutions depending on either experience or stories heard. Reduction in communication triggers that feeling of insecurity. In the sense that girls are natural attention lovers. When they have been constantly checked on and communicated, they expect you to keep up with it. When that doesn’t happen, they feel there is someone else who receives better communication from you than they do.
Certain everyday questions that used to be answered are now difficult to reply, sincerity is gradually diminishing, what do you expect her to think? That there is someone else of course, who is now more fit to hear your complaints and bear your burdens with you. Your whereabout is unexplained and you think she’ll keep calm and think all is well?
Some people say its natural for girls to feel insecure and that no matter how much attention they get, they always look for the slightest misbehaviour to bring up the cheating argument. Some others say the feeling that they are being cheated comes because of their mindset that all guys are players and cannot keep just one girl, a couple of people also came up with the saying ‘you either snatch a man from one girl or share him with another, what matters is you having the most attention’ how true that is, i cannot really say, it’s left for you to decide. What struck me was the person who said that the reason girls feel they are being cheated is guilty conscience. Obviously it is truism. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Probably, you are not being cheated but because you cheat, you feel it is being reciprocated. This is mostly the case as everybody feels the other person is going to cheat so they should not be the only saints.
However, the accusing finger is not pointed to any particular party. The reason girls feel cheated may come from either them or the guys. Either Way, both parties are involved.

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