Men’s Fashion: 7 Style Tips To Win Her Over On The First Date

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You know how hard you try to win a lady you are interested in over on the first date, how you want everything to be perfect and how you want to be as charming as ever? well, you can achieve all these if you get it right with your style because first impression they say matter, and your first impression starts with your dressing.

Men’s Fashion

These style tips would definitely bail you out.

Don’t look too formal: “Well, you can look classy without looking too formal; you shouldn’t dress the same way as you would when going for an interview; looking too formal might just pass the message of being a bore”.


Wear fitted clothes: “Avoid wearing tight shirts and trousers on a first date, this might look a bit too awkward; go for cloths that fit; they bring out your masculine features and make you classy all the same”.

Wear nice shoes: “She would always look at your choice of shoe — consciously or unconsciously, she will so go for a clean, quality pair of shoe”.

Your wrist watch: “It’s better not to wear a wristwatch than to wear a sorry-looking wrist watch; of course, she would observe your hands and that means your wristwatch too, a nice wristwatch brings out a sort of attraction in every man, and many women use the quality of your wristwatch to judge your class”.

Keep your hair neat: “Keep your hair tidy and neat and keep your beards in order, don’t try a new hairstyle for your first date, you might not feel comfortable in it and this could kill your confidence”.

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Smell nice: “It doesn’t go without saying this; you ought to smell nice, but be careful not to have too much perfume on”.

Dress for the occasion: “The date venue says a lot on how you would dress, if you have date in a posh restaurant, you know you have to raise the bar; the choice of venue matters a lot, so you don’t get to overdress or under-dress”.

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