How the material of speakers can affect the sound?

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material of speakers

How the material of speakers can affect the sound?

All the lovers of high-quality sound will eventually have to face the daunting challenge of choosing a speaker system. In order to purchase the perfect price-quality device, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the technical specifications declared by the manufacturer, but also to the material of the speakers. Firstly, because the material has an influence on the sound itself, and secondly, half of the value of the PA system is the cost of housing. So what sounds to you better – acoustics made of wood, plastic or metal?


Plastic speakers exist for quite a long time. The possibility of producing speakers of different shapes and low cost made this material commonly used in the production of the budget models, especially in the segment of personal computers servicing. However, such speakers have several disadvantages: numerous flaws in sound, rattles on medium and high volumes, medium frequency resonances.

material of speakers


This material is considered to be the best for producing speaker systems. However, solid wood is rarely used and only in the high-end segments. Ideally, the raw materials must be selected on the stage of cutting, and dried naturally without artificial acceleration. Many operations should be performed manually. So we are not talking about the availability of this material.

material of speakers


Most often, it is aluminum, or its alloy. They provide good mechanical properties: hardness, density and lightness. According to several specialists, aluminum allows to reduce resonance and improve high frequency sound range. In addition, on air the “flying metal” is covered with a thin colorless film that protects it from oxidation. All of these qualities contribute to the growth of interest in aluminum by the manufacturers. It is particularly attractive for the production of all-weather sound systems.

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material of speakers

We can say that none of the examined materials used in the manufacture of loudspeakers does not provide high quality sound by itself. A huge role here is played by compliance with all technological parameters for manufacturing and assembly of enclosures, electronic components and settings. Famous brand does not always guarantee that the acoustics is right for you.

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