Marketing Techniques On How to Reach Pizza Customers Anytime

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Pizza is unarguably one of America’s favorite foods. From the Chicago-style to the New York style pizza sold more than $ 38 billion in 2015. Of course, Americans love a good dose, eat the pizza, but there is also a large amount of competition from other restaurants in the area and chains pizzerias. Are you looking for pizza marketing to increase sales and customers? Here is how to reach pizza customers anytime

Marketing Techniques


If your guests have not enjoyed outdoor pizza ovens, they may not realize what they missed. Ingredients for normal tomatoes and pizza Cheeses are not expensive. Offer meals a basic pizza sample. Once you’ve tried the smoke from the pizza in the wood oven, you will not be able to resist. Being delicious on Fridays is a great way to attract new customers. Pour the small slices of your pizzas to the people who come by on the first Friday or every day you choose each month. Print a booklet with the best resellers and submit them along with the samples.


Site pages for review have taken over and may affect the choice of restaurants. Of course, it is unethical to pay for the audit, but there is nothing ethical about rewards, good, bad or indifferent. When a diner has finished enjoying your outdoor pizza ovens, you should do an honest evaluation of one of these online restaurants review sites, the local community pages or your own Facebook or blog page, and send a URL check by email. Once a week or a month, randomly select a reviewer for a free pizza.

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Coupons and discounts are a key element in the pizza business. Think outside the box, or maybe in this case. The tile faces look and feel like real bricks, but are only about 1/4 inch thick. Use the facing as a coupon holder. It draws attention, remembers and your customers think it’s a smart idea. It also brings the fact that your pizzeria is brick oven pizza.

Online Presence

You may find that you do not need an online presence for your pizza cake because your customer is local. However, according to the Pew Research Center, 78 percent of adults research online for products and services. A blog provides a way to communicate with customers and potential customers. Post about the history of pizza, why and how the pizza oven is different, pizza deals, promotions, holidays and even what happens in your neighborhood.

Social Media Marketing

Explore online marketing to attract more customers. Ask users to sign up for a mailing list, which will make them available for special offers and coupons. If you choose to receive emails, your ads may be sent on a regular basis. Create a profile for your pizza company on social networks and ask your customers for the “friend.” When a user does that, all his friends see that he has done that and can click on his profile. Offer special offers on the profile and remind customers that it is a good time to buy pizzas.

Enhance the In-House Experience

From the view of a customer, study everything that is part of the restaurant experience. From the inside to the staff with courtesy, the image of your restaurant should meet or exceed customer expectations. Finding a good team and improving the interior can be the most efficient way to increase sales in your pizzeria.

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As every restaurant owner knows, the hard part of the ad turns into real conversions. It may be difficult to launch an advertising campaign, but it is even harder to make money from it – because we have two goals: to attract new users and to come back. Ideally, regular customers should have 60% or more of their customers, and sometimes it can be difficult to attract both audiences simultaneously.

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