Looking For Extra Cash? Try These Jobs Beside Your Regular 9 To 5

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Looking For Extra Cash: With the Nigerian economy and that of a lot of countries in recession, there’s no better time to look for a second or part time job. It could also be that you’re looking to save money or pay some debt off, the best thing to do is to get an extra job that can help you achieve your goal.

Looking For Extra Cash

There’s however a number of things that won’t take much of your time which you can do to earn extra money be it on weekends or on the move. You can get creative with a number of jobs that can earn you money to supplement your income especially if you have some skills which you can put into use during your spare time.

Start A YouTube Channel Or Blog
If you have a particular talent such as baking, cooking, comic or musical skills, you can try starting a YouTube channel to get people to notice your talents. With time when people get used to your channel and view your videos, you’d start getting paid. On the other hand, starting a blog, by itself, is not a good way to make money. It takes time and patience to rake in money from your blog.
The key to successful blogging remains the same and that’s is to cover the things you are passionate about, use the right tool for the job, write in your own voice and get the word out by engaging the greater community. It may take some time but once you’re able to carve your own niche and stick to your guns, you’d have an audience that clamour for you.

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Home Tutoring
It could be that you know how to play a musical instrument, you can speak a second language or you have very good mathematical skills, you can get paid for teaching people those skills of yours in your spare time. A lot of people are willing to pay good money to learn new skills. Parents are willing to pay tutors to prepare their wards for key examinations. If you think you’re good at teaching, you can offer to tutor the kids of people you know for a fee which you can charge hourly or monthly.

Car Wash
There’s a possibility that you made some money as a kid doing some menial jobs for neighbours, well you can turn this passion into something that will earn you a good amount of extra cash. Common household tasks you can make money from includes car washing and cleaning of gutters. If you’d be caught up in a room at work for long hours, it will be quite refreshing to perform these tasks that will you spend time outside while also making some money on the side.

These jobs don’t require any special skill or training as you can simply pick up a rake to clean up the gutters and a soft mop to wash cars. Added to the money you’d be paid, you will also be happy to see the results of using your hands over time for something positive.

Serving and Bartending
This may require you having some sort of experience in the service industry but will nonetheless, be fun. It may not be so difficult to find a part time job tending a bar over the weekend or serving at partied can provide you with extra money. Serving at parties pay between 3000 to 5000 Naira per day and you sure won’t spend more than 5 hours offering your service.

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The good thing about this side jobs is that it offers a flexible schedule and you can plan the times which you will be available.

Freelance Writing
A lot of jobs are available where you can do freelance and earn cash. The fields range from writing, graphic design, digital marketing, photography to video editing where you can work part time and earn money equivalent to full time work. It may however take some time for you to understand the processes these part time jobs require but you’d be an expert in time and turn it into a lucrative venture.
You can also try to learn more by doing searching newspapers and the Internet for training resources which can help you to start your own freelance business.

No matter what you choose to do, remember to look for something that matches up with the energy and time you have to offer, and maybe even something you’re passionate about.

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