Let’s Discuss: Should Dammy Krane Be Signing New Artistes?

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The internet was in a savage mood upon the announcement of Dammy Krane’s latest musical effort, the singer announced that he has signed act in the person of Idowest to his label.

 Dammy Krane

Holding strongly unto to his checkered not so long past, internet users took to his social media pages to savagely castrate his being, intention an act.

Many are of the opinion that he is not in the place to be signing a new act as he himself is barely surviving in the already competitive industry. Others are of the opinion that his sordid past will do no good for the Idowest, while a few others simply believe he does not have the cash to be paying his act should they be on a monthly payment basis same situation singer Kiss Daniel was allegedly drowned during a certain period with G-Worldwide.

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