Is It Legal To Use Mobile Gambling Apps?

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Is using mobile gambling apps legal?

You can get a mobile App for your phone for almost anything these days. The online sports betting industry was never going to miss out on such a lucrative opportunity. The industry has expanded rapidly which has led to regulators finding it difficult to keep up. Free online sports betting apps are legal but not in every country worldwide.

Mobile Gambling Apps

Mobile Gambling Apps Market

Only ten years ago there was not a marketplace for mobile online gambling apps. Now the total revenues are in the billions of pounds worldwide and continue to grow at a faster pace than desktop sites. With mobile search and usage around the globe growing at astonishing rates, the trend looks like it will continue. In this competitive market, large firms are trying to attract customers by offering the best free bet offers. These deals are lost leaders, but the odds are stacked in the company’s favour. A large percentage of punters who use free bets then go on to become regular gamblers.

In Europe the mobile legislation for each of the European Union members is different. It makes matters complicated for firms entering into this space for the first time. Some countries ban it and others such as the Isle of Man have embraced it. With most countries in this region suffering badly in the financial climate, many are looking at bringing in more revenue through the taxation of free online mobile betting apps.

Mobile Gambling App Market Projections

Global revenues for online sports betting sites through their apps are more than $11 billion pounds per year. Considering that only ten years ago this industry was at zero, it is an incredible growth rate. If laws change in favour of the app makers, it will help expand this at an even faster rate. With new punters being attracted by the best free bet offers, it will continue over the coming years.

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Mobile Casino App Games

The mobile casino apps market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Gambling. New apps are coming out every single week, offering free bets to attract new players. A large number of technological advances have been made over the last five years which is helping companies come up with new and exciting games. The main thing that is holding back the industry is that they have to deal with so many regulations for states and counties.

In countries where they have banned mobile casino apps, many companies have set up a casino. Having a physical presence means that they can allow visitors who use their casino, to use their mobile app. The customers are only allowed to use it while on the premises as it is covered by the license obtained by the Casino.

Both Google and Apple have decided not to let mobile gaming apps on their platforms in the U.S.

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