Ladies: Top Things Men Care About Aside Your Hair

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Trust me, ladies, when I say men do not care about your hair, I do not mean it in a literal sense; what I meant is, men obviously admire the fact that you take out time to care for your hair, and put in an effort to look good…so don’t get me wrong but what men are concerned about though, is the extent a lot of women are willing to go in the name of wanting to look attractive, and the fact that these women attach way too much importance to their hair, and ignore other areas of themselves that require just as much attention.
Top Things Men Care About

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I’ve seen women wear 100,000 weaves on a face that literally deserves to be masked (no disrespect whatsoever); their makeup, the worst ever, and their dress sense, comparable to that of a mad person. You see women like that, and you wonder, why waste precious money especially if you’re still going to look awful?

Even more disturbing is that some of these women have no jobs and no savings, yet they spend a fortune (earned through only God knows what ways) on their hair in a bid to keep up with their friends and impress men (who do not even know how much they’re worth). I mean, except for those who are in the fashion business, how many men actually know the difference between a 1000 weave and a 100000 weave?

So ladies, why make a big deal of something that’s of no much significance to men? they rarely care about how expensive your weave is, rather, what they care about are other stuffs that a lot of women give less attention to. Now, please, allow me to shed some more light on things men care about aside your hair…

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YOUR FACE: “When a man looks at a woman, the first thing he notices is her face, not her hair, as some of you think; so how attractive you’ll be to him is largely dependent on how appealing he finds your face, you don’t even have to be naturally pretty; with the right makeup, you can still be appealing and men also find smiling women extremely attractive, so the more you smile, the more attractive you appear”.

THE WAY YOU WALK: “Some women wear all the expensive stuff; weaves, clothes, accessories etc but do not have the poise and walking steps to go with them; in fact, some go walking like robots, and that is a big turnoff for any man, women should walk gracefully and calmly, and if you can make your hips jiggle while you’re at it, perfect”.

YOUR FASHION SENSE: “When I say men love your fashion sense, I don’t mean you have to buy/wear the most expensive clothing and accessories to be attractive to them; you can wear very affordable clothes and be attractive if you do it right, it’s all about knowing how to match colours/outfits, and what to wear for every occasion because I’ve seen women wear expensive stuff, and still look like a masquerade.

YOUR COMPOSURE: “As a woman, it’s important that you carry yourself in a certain manner, it’s annoying when you see a woman look so good and act like a thug; women should know how to act in public, and approach other people decently, there is a popular saying that goes, “class can’t be bought” so you can have all the money in the world, and still lack class because class is learned; composure is what gives you class and makes you stand out”.

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So ladies, there you have it; as much as men admire a good-looking hair, they don’t consider it a major part of your all round beauty. So next time you want to buy a Peruvian weave, you may want to invest that money somewhere else.

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